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Live on Air preformance and interview by Bob Bauer of U Detroit Cafe Radiowith Ms Mendoza, our interview and airplay is approx @ 1:06:20  



Posted Interview with Kim Maki  www.retrokimmer.com



The Crash Dollz Rachel Rekkit and Nikki Darling called Kimmer on a 3 way last night and we had such a fun chat about the evolution of their music how happening it is right now... I absolutely LOVED them and their tune "Female Anarchy". Totally identify with their lyric... I really love meeting artists that have a very strong drive to succeed and follow their dreams. To me.. that is what life is about.

I saw a quote yesterday on Facebook and it said.."Life is not a game...quit trying to be a player.."

What??? LIFE IS THE GAME AND WE CAME TO PLAY... Rachel and Nikki definitely came to PLAY...

The Crash Dollz are totally punk but also metal as well. Totally Detroit if you ask me. The girls talked about the Detroit music scene and their place in the revolution of women in rock. These girls are the real deal...

Nikki Darling- Vocals
Rachel Rekkit- Guitar
Ron Krash- Bass
Brian Kaos- Drums

CrashDollz are considered to be one of Detroit’s top up and coming Punk bands of 2012. Labeled innovators in the Punk music Genre/Industry for bringing punk to a very refreshing updated place, where talent is not in short supply, CrashDollz have found an explosive combination of Raw Punk and Loud Metal.

Leading the way on vocals is Nikki Darling, with her Raw, Aggressive and Powerful vocals. Nikki's technical ability as a singer adds enormous depth to an otherwise stale genre.

Followed by Guitarist Rachel Rekkits loud in your face guitar riffs and whiz-kid solos that make no apologies for stomping on your ear drums! Meanwhile, Brian Kaos Brings his hard hitting drums to Crashdollz style, pounding his drums into submission while splitting stix.

Finally, you have Ron Krash on pounding bass and smoldering punker attitude. Rons edgy playing and punk-purist stance anchors the band perfectly. CrashDollz is the band to watch in 2012!

Dumpster Punk download....

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Wow, what an Incredible music filled weekend in Detroit! Rock This Town spent Friday night at Small's with our friend James Trunko and his killer band Mound Road Engine, and new band CrashDollz headed up by two of the best punk infused women who completely owned the stage, Nikki Darling and Rachel Rekkit. Oh yes my friends, Detroit is kickin!


Article Below are a summery of entire article.
Favorite Female Performers of 2011
Colleen Caffeine-Choking Susan- Always energetic and unique with her vocals and stage presence this gal is like my punk rock little sister. Every year a new record and touring somewhere across the globe.Catch her live if you can and you'll enjoy every moment
Nikki Darling-Crashdollz- Powerful and badass...Nikki mixes punk, and hard rock vocal styles well with a don't fuck with me or else snarl...I eat that kinda stuff up. I've only caught them once live so fa,r and Crashdollz are a relatively new band, so with more stage experience I'll be looking forward to seeing them again.

Laura Mendoza-White Shag- This Dayton Oh native now living in Detroit given her fantastic voice,great looks and sexy stage presence could by all right sell out and make pop music and be a success in no time. But she loves to rock and that she does.The band she heads up is beginning to heat up in Detroit and I have no doubt great things are in their future.Anxious to see them again soon and see how they evolve.Not only that but I've just a little harmless middle age crush on this one.


White Shag
Bloody Buffalo


12/31/2011 Check out Video Of CrashDollz Show on NYE at NY NY Bar.. Footage Courtesy of Live Detroit TV
Watch live video from New York New York on LiveDetroit.tv on ______________________________________________
New Years Eve 2011 Ad
New Years Eve Bash/CrashDollz CD release party.
Bring in the 2012 New Year with CrashDollz.Detroits Grimiest Superheros straight outta the streets of Detroit. Stay tuned for Further information regarding show dates and times!!!
The line up consists of.
CrashDollz, The Fuss, 7th Day Creeps and Green Light Graffiti
This cover is like Find Rachel and Nikki.. Can you?
Impulse Tattoo Festival Contest With CrashDollz Article in Punk Globe Magazine 

"Next up was the highly touted group from Detroit called The Crashdollz. Now this band form the first note oozes that thing allot of performers strive for and never quite hit,the rare blend of raw talent,songwriting,hooks,attitude and stage presence. This band is a well oiled machine and witnessing them play live is the sum of all the vital parts. Songs like"Dumpster Punk", "Sugar Rocket" and "I Will Not be Ignored" could not be written and pulled off by anyone else. Rare that I've seen a crowd demand an encore for a band that's never played here before but they did and the band ramped it up again.Don't miss Crashdollz if they come your way and be prepared to spend your time up front as close as you can. Rachel's guitar solos with the lighted ray gun was fun to watch, and Nikki commands a crowd too. Oh and if your dumb enough to yell for her shirt to come off you will be challenged so pick up your knuckles cro mag the spice sluts they are not. "
- Michael Rys, Punk Globe Magazine (Jul 31, 2011)


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"Crashdollz hailing from the tough n dirty streets of the Motor city is a musical bright spot in city that's looking lie its in its death throes.Fierce, down n dirty punk infested rock.Quickly making a name for themselves across the mid-west and beyond. Not since L7 have I seen a female fronted and axe slinging band this hard and this damn good ."
- Michael Rys, G.P.R. Productions (Apr 11, 2011)




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